Wig Care

Welcome to the Royal Enchantments Wig Care Guide!


This guide is created to help you to store, manage, and wear your wig professionally!


Once you have received your new wig, you will find that there are a few things to note. Black net is wrapped around the wig to keep the wig from any damage during shipment and storage. Please remove the netting from the front of the wig carefully. It is not intended to remain on the wig when worn. Pearl pins are placed into the wig to secure it to the Styrofoam head. These pins should be continuously used to hold the wig in place and secured when not in use. It is recommended to always return your wig to the Styrofoam head when not in use. We recommend keeping the Styrofoam head on a shelf or in a box upright at all time. Taking care of your investment is the first step to a long wig life!


Once you have removed the netting and pins from the wig, it is time to try it on. Before you begin, please collect the following items: Bobby pins or toupee clips, wig cap, comb, and hairspray

Your first goal is to get your hair as flat as possible to your head. This can be done with creating tight pin curls across your head and pinning them in place. This can take some practice to get right, but it is worth it in the end.

For light colored wigs, we recommend using a nude wig cap and for dark colored wigs a black wig cap.

Slide the wig cap over your head and through the hole at the other side. Pull it up and over your face, leaving the wide band at your hairline and smooth the rest over your pin curls. Fold over the excess of the wig cap towards the front of your head. If you find you have baby hairs around the band, use a comb or your finger with hairspray to smooth them under the cap. You have the option to secure your wig cap with toupee clips around the edge or bobby pins in a cross pattern.

Next step is to prep your wig to be worn. Firstly, make sure to carefully remove the wig from the styrofoam head. Inside of the wig cap, you will find two straps hooked into the bottom neck area. These straps are used to tighten the wig for smaller head sizes. We recommend unhooking the straps prior to try on to determine your fit. Do not hook the straps together. You can leave them loose or tuck them inside a weft.

Securing the wig to your head may require assistance depending on the wig and weight. Holding the wig right above the ear tabs on either side, place the wig carefully down at the forehead. Place your fingers at the center of the wig in the front, using your other hand to tug softly at the back to pull it down. Once the wig is on, make sure to adjust both sides in the back to cover your hairline. Adjust as necessary to make sure the wig cap is covered. To make sure you have the wig on straight, make sure both ear tabs are right at your ears and even on each side.

Securing your wig is a vital step to ensure that your wig remains on and is comfortable throughout your event or wear. DO NOT USE BOBBY PINS TO SECURE YOUR WIG. Bobby pins ruin the styling of wigs, tug at the hair, and can show. We recommend using U Pins, which are long pins in a U shape that do not come together. Begin at your hairline and work to securing the rest of the wig. To use the U pins, start off by keeping the teeth pointed forward, sliding into the hair and wig cap. Turn the U Pin so that the U part is now forward and slide it back into the wig. You should feel the pin catching your hair and wig cap underneath the wig. Do this throughout the wig until you feel the wig is secured enough not to move. Try to make sure to keep with the styling of the wig when putting in the pins to hide them under the hair.

After a long day of wearing your wig, you are not doubt ready to take it off Please take your time in doing so, as rushing can damage the wig or hurt yourself. Remove all the pins that you had put into the wig. Try not to leave any in and feel around gently to get them all. Once you are certain there are no pins left in the wig, carefully hold the wig on either side of the wig and lift it off. Please set the wig back on the Styrofoam head, repining it with the pearl pins at the top and sides, and placing the black netting over top. Once your wig is safely back on its home base, you can remove the wig cap and pin curls. Always take the extra time to secure your wig once its off to make sure no damage happens.


Your wig will require care and upkeep to ensure it stays nice.

Wigs that are long will require you to brush them, especially around nape of the neck where wigs tend to get knotted. A mixture of fabric softener and water in a squirt bottle will help to untangle your wigs and refresh them to look less frizzy. For curly wigs, spray with the water mixture and brush sections, wrapping them around your finger to curl and leave to dry. For wigs that are in an updo, you will want to make sure to tame any flyaway hairs with a comb and a light spritz of spray. Do not over hairspray or you wig will get crunchy and a film will begin to form.

Here are some other helpful tips:

Do not share wig caps for sanitary reasons

Spray the inside of your wig with alcohol to sanitize and clean after wearing

Do not use T shaped pins in your wig. It will damage and pull the hair


You can find a list of products below that we recommend for your continued wig care!
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Gold U Pins
Wig Conditioner/Spray
White Pearl Corsage Pins
Wig Caps
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