Bridgerton Daphne Regency Historical Blonde Lace Front Wig

Daphne Bridgerton wig is professionally cut and styled. Beautiful blonde hair is curled and pinned in a waterfall down the back. Soft short bangs and curls frame around the face. Other colors may be available. Please send us a message to inquire before purchase

Crown is not included 

This is a lace front wig and used by professionals to obtain the most natural of looks. The lace around the hairline of the wig is hand tied with fine hairs to give the wearer a natural hairline when worn. All lace front wigs will need to have the lace cut when they arrive and instructions are available on the website.

All wigs are shipped on a styrofoam head. This ensures they arrive safely to their destination and allow you to properly store them when not in use.

Please note: This item ships in 4-6 weeks and are made to order